Bilendi Discuss for Employee Instant Feedback

Published on
September 21, 2020
William Yattah
Discussnow is launching Employee instant feedback.

 Bilendi Discuss (ex Discussnow) is launching Employee Instant Feedback.

The world is changing. COVID-19 has changed how we work. We experience a complete disruption in our homes and workplaces. Organisations have to listen to their employees with empathy and understand their greatest concerns.

Our mission is to close the gap between organisations and employees through direct and instant, authentic and natural discussion through their preferred messaging apps.

We have just integrated "SLACK", the professional messaging app, as a new channel. You can ask questions directly to your employees through Discussnow Slack App. All conversations remain private and totally anonymous.

Stakeholders will generate insights in one click through the Insight View. We go beyond NPS Score, Surveys, BOT,

"It is conversation in the real life"

Discussnow is perfect to interact with employees through Whatsapp and Messenger as well. Stay connected with your employees working from home or remotely.

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