real-time insight into the mind of your customers

start a conversation with people directly on their preferred messaging channels: WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack or straight in their inbox
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introducing the easiest conversational platform you’ve ever used

generate live insights directly from messaging apps almost effortless
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set up and launch discussions on your customer’s preferred social channels
Dashboard discussion
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invite your participants, gather responses and pilot your discussions through the dashboard 
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generate automatic insights easily with the help of our built-in artificial intelligence
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improve your customer and employee experience to increase satisfaction

pilot personalised conversations at scale with ease
No setup required
no setup required
start discussions within minutes after your access is granted
AI-generated insight
AI-generated insight
all posted content is automatically analyzed in real time by our AI engine and accessible through customizable dashboards (Sentiment analysis, top, flop, fans)
Hybridation methodology
hybridation methodology 
the platform is compatible with major survey tools on the market: Askia, Sphinx, Qualtrics, Toluna, Surveymonkey, Decipher, making it possible to easily send surveys to your members
CRM integration
integration with your IT ecosystem
thanks to our API integrations you can easily connect with your CRM, HRIS, log discussions, update contacts, create and update CRM records directly from Bilendi Discuss
Personalized conversations
personalized conversations 
upload the discussions you wish to send your members, each discussion can include photos, videos, and be targeted to specific subgroups of members
Automated data collection
automated data collection
members choose their preferred channel (WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, e-mail) and the platform handles aggregating content (text, photos, videos, voice-note, emojis, stickers) from different channels

created for you with people in mind

try a nextgen, hyperconnected, multi-channel solution
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Online community
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trusted by brands, digital agencies and market research agencies

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Consumer behaviors have changed in the last decade. Millennials and Gen Z have disrupted and redefined the very essence of customer service as we know it. The time has come for brands to change how they interact with their audience. 
Our mission is to define a next-generation solution to engage and interact with people.

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